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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Spring Preview Saturday

It's the weekend. Supposed to stay up late and sleep in, right? Well, only half of that equation has been fulfilled. Hubby and I stayed up until 3am chit-chatting and watching the Time Travelors Wife last night-Friday (I cried throughout the entire darn movie, but even hubby shed a couple tears). Unfortunately for me, Angel is developing an awful good memory. I had promised her on Friday afternoon that I would take her to the zoo tomorrow (Saturday/today). She now knows what "tomorrow" means as well.
===7:16am I am awakened by the plop-plop of some little bare feet running into our room and then, "Mommy! We go to the zoo today!" .......... WAAAYYY too cheery for me only having 4 hours of sleep. I'm able to lay in bed for another 10 minutes by letting her climb in bed with us. Then, I steal another 5 minutes of rest by telling her to turn on the tv in the living room (note to self: when going to bed, turn the channel to Disney so she can watch cartoons BY HERSELF in the AM).
===7:32AM out of bed, but not voluntarily.
===8:15AM out the door. Go to KMart to compare cost of luggage for our trip in April. Manage to waste about 45 minutes there since zoo doesn't open until 9. Realize I have a low tire so stop at a gas station to fill it. (I'm going to be sooo mad if that tire needs patched since just replaced them)
===9:20AM Pull up to zoo gate and realize that from Nov-Mar they don't open until noon. >:( Have a *very* upset little girl. Have to pinky swear to come back and also bribe her with the park and a hershey bar to stop crying/screaming.
===9:30AM Playing at the park. Realize that it's still only freakin' 30 degrees outside with no sunshining yet!! Keeping warm by running around and in playground equipment.
===10:30AM Angel finally admits that her hands are numb. Still takes 10 minutes of chasing and threatening time-out for her to get in the van.
===10:50AM Park in Aggieville to browse the Dusty Old Bookshelf. Am hoping to find a Disney World tour book. End up finding a treasure-trove of pre-K to 2nd grade learning books, a new Nora Roberts novel, and one of those books that tell you how to fix everything with a can of coke, cheerios, and vicks vapo-rub (did you know that can clear acne?!?!).
===11:30AM Grab sandwiches at Pita Pit (love it!). Bribe Angel to sit still at a table with a bag of doritos.
===11:50AM Brought lunch home since zoo is still not open and don't want a repeat tantrum. Pop in her new Tinkerbell video hoping I can catch a nap. No such luck.
===12:20PM Leave home for the zoo. Again.
===12:30PM Stop at WalMart for......oh who cares! WalMart is my mini-vacation timeshare.
===1:30PM Zoo is open!!! Temp is finally up to about 40 degrees. mucho wamer-o.
===2:45PM Seen all the zoo. I'm tired from pushing her in the stroller. (note to self to workout more) Have to trick Angel to leave the zoo by telling her I have chocolate in the van. I'm starting to notice this bribery deal we've got going on. Not sure if I'm a fan of it, but hey, it works.
===2:50PM Have to stop at a quick shop to get Hershey. seriously.
===3:15 PM home!
===3:17 PM Angel has taken off all her clothes and is demanding a bath. I really do think I have a budding nudist-colony member as offspring. Kinda cute, but I feel embarassed for the pizza delivery person when Angel beats me to the door.

Whew. Still no nap for either of us. At least she can't quite tell time yet. I convinced her the clock chiming at 8:00 was actually 9:00 bedtime and I "let" her stay up for an extra half hour. Fell asleep on the couch for a few minutes at 8:45. I'm almost ashamed to say that -- dangit, I'm not even 30 yet and I have a hard time staying up past my DAUGHTERS bedtime!! Have at least managed to finish our estimated budget for the Disney trip in April. Now if only I could finish our dang taxes so we could have the refund in time to spend. Yeah, right -- as if the messed up gov't would d.......zzz...zzz...zzz...sorry, nodded off. Night all!

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