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Friday, February 26, 2010

Transitioning from a woman to a mom

I've noticed that I have considerably changed from pre-baby days until now. Granted, my poor body will never recover from the 60 pounds (!) I gained during pregnancy or the c-section and breast-feeding afterwards. I'm talking about the changes in how I think, how I react, how I live. I'm sure most, if not all, moms do the following also:

1. I never think twice about wiping my child's runny, snotty nose on my own sleeve. A sleeve attached to an expensive sweater that is dry-clean only. While standing in line at Wal-Mart.
2. No matter what purse I use (or when considering a new one to buy), I always make sure there's room for a diaper (now pullup) and wipes. Then inevitably, that same purse ends up with kleenex, child strenth tylenol, at least 4 crayons, a small notepad, package of crackers or fruit snacks, a container of bubbles, a sucker or 6, at least 2 chapsticks (so that I can have one too), a couple tiny hair ties and usually my daughter's Leapster. Now if only I can find room for a cold beer in there....
3. My sense of smell is heightened, yet dramatically dulled when needed. I can smell when my daughter poops her pants from the next room, but don't gag when I have to clean it up (or that dreaded spoiled-milk vomit babies get)
4. When picking out my own clothes for the day, I actually think of how fast and how often I will have to run after my daughter.
5. After the initial panick, I actually cherish the 20 seconds of quiet time when Angel wants to play hide-and-seek in the clothing racks at Walmart. As long as I hear the occasional giggle and pit-pat of those size 11's, I know she's close enough that I can track her down.
6. I seriously start panicking when the house is quiet. I instinctly know that Angel's usually up to no-good. Occasionally it's just that she played too hard and has now fallen alseep in the middle of Blues Clues.
7. I am bi-polar. I can be sooooooo mad at my child for breaking something very expensive, but when she looks at me with those tear-filled eyes and says "I'm sorry mommy. I love you" I immediately turn softy. Superman has nothing on my personality switch.
8. When I dress my daughter for a day out and about together, I actually like to make her my "Mini-me". Nothing too extreme but I think it's cute if we have the same color-scheme going. Khaki pants, pink t-shirt, white sneakers for both of us. I guess maybe that's one of those "Does That Make Me Crazy" submissions on Kid Kraddik's radio show. :)
9. I hate kids. Maybe that's a bit strong. I dislike kids. They're loud, annoying, selfish, snot-nosed. Good in very very small doses. HOWEVER -- I love love love my daughter. And I'm quickly becoming much more tolerant around others' offspring. Don't take the training wheels away yet though. I'm a proud mama and no one else's kids will ever be as smart, attractive, witty, or creative as my own. On that note....
10. I sometimes wonder if my daughter was body-snatched and replaced with the spawn of the devil. Tantrums are horrible, but the all-day moodiness of a 3 year old is the worst. I fear when she hits puberty.
11. It's almost impossible for me to leave somewhere without asking if anyone "needs to go potty?" Yes, I did say this to friends on a night of drinking and we were bar-hopping. I have been able to restrain myself much better since.
12. Nothing -- and I mean absolutely nothing -- tops the day when your child first says "I Wuv you Mommy". :)

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