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Friday, March 12, 2010

Is laundry really that confusing?!?

I want to start off with this proclamation.......

Angel has gone 2 weeks without pooping in her pants!

Yes, two WHOLE WEEKS! I never thought I would be so super excited about not having to wash (or throw out) miniature-sized underroos with poop. But I am! She even got a new Leapster game out of the deal! (One invention that has been a dream -- love her Leapster!)

On top of that, my husband has been a dear and has been doing almost all the laundry and dishes for the last month. Wow. He's really been stepping up so that I can concentrate on my dang insurance classes. :) But then I realized something.... He has a warped sense of confidence in our washing machine and dryer's amazing abilities.

My dear, loving, demented husband's rules for laundry:

1) If the lid closes, there's not enough clothes in the washing machine.
2) If there's suds coming out from the top of the washer, it means the floor will get clean too. Two birds, one sudsy stone.
3) There's no need to check to see if the dryer is empty before adding the next washed load. Just turn on the dryer longer.
4) It's all fabric. Silk, terry cloth, denim. Why seperate it?
5) Dry-Clean Only = Huh??
6) Seperate whites, colors. (ok, he does seperate them, but see #4)
7) If I put your bra in the dryer, it'll shrink and push up the boobs more. (Thanks. Now only my self esteem is sagging more than my chest.)
8) The hotter the water, the cleaner the clothes. (My darks are fading faster than Michael Jackson)
9) I don't want to mess up your method for putting clothes away, so I'll just leave them in a jumbled pile to wrinkle until you can get to them. But I put my own shirts on hangers and folded my own shorts. Aren't you proud you didn't have to do that? (sigh)

He means well and I know it. Just didn't know that laundry was really this confusing. Guess there really IS a reason I've been doing it all for the past 9 years. (Sigh) :)

Monday, March 8, 2010

RANTS FROM MOMMYLAND: My Baby is a Cupcake. Baked by the Devil.

Found my new favorite blog to follow. Oh yes, I am definitely a member of this one. :) Nice to know I'm not the only one that thinks my baby girl becomes temporarily evil to add to my temporary insanity.

RANTS FROM MOMMYLAND: My Baby is a Cupcake. Baked by the Devil.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Tips for moms-to-be...

So, it seems like everyone is becoming a mommy nowadays. Must be in the water. Good thing I don't drink water. :) Anyway, thought I'd put out a couple ideas to put in those new-mommies to be heads........
1) Coupons. You WILL need them. Diapers/formula are two of the biggest expenses in your new baby's life. Go online to the Huggies website and sign up. You'll get at least $5 worth of coupons every couple weeks. Start recruiting your friends and family to save them for you too. You can even start buying some diapers now if you're brave. Keep in mind that your baby may grow out of a size of diapers in a week. Trust me. It's SUPER annoying to have 3 packs of size 1 diapers and use a whopping 20 of them, then she's into a size 2. Also, your baby will develop a rash to different types of diapers. Also super annoying. Same thing with formula. I encourage you to breastfeed but that's another preaching. Doesn't work for everyone and you're not supposed to give cows milk in the first year. So that means formula. And those run at least $25/can.

2) Mylecon Drops. Buy some now to always have on hand. Short story -- gas-ex for babies. This is the only thing that worked for my daughter. Unfortunately, she got her daddies gastrointestinal habits. Give your baby a dropper full and in less than 5 minutes, her tummies allllllll better. No harmful side-effects and can't overdose. Trust me, if you could I would have found out. Also, there's a coupon for $4 off the next bottle on the inside of the package. Yes, these cost about $7-8 apiece.

3) Shop Garage Sales. For almost everything. Babies go through clothes like my husband goes through toilet paper. They spit and poop on them just in time to grow out of that size. Most infant clothes (0-6 months) are only worn once or twice anyway, so the stuff you get is practically new anyway! Even if you don't know the sex of your baby, there's plenty of neutral onesies out there. Watch out for the yellow stains--that's formula/milk and will NOT come out. Ever. If you're ok with those clothes as "never leave the house" than by all means buy them! I did. :) If you scout the papers and craigslist (and rileyyardsales.com here) you can pick up strollers, high chairs, bedding, potty chairs, and toys out the wazoo. Make sure that your Seller explains how to open/close strollers, assemble playpens and raise highchairs. There's nothing more frustrating than baby accessories without instruction manuals. Highly discourage buying a carseat second hand though. Safety laws change frequently and if a carseat was in an accident, it can actually be useless in the next.

4) Sleep. You will not get more than 6 hours in a night after baby comes. Until at least age 3. I'm finally up to 7. I think I've "slept in" twice since she's been born. You'll miss it.

5) Play house. Seriously. Remember when you played with Barbie dolls growing up and Barbie had to have the corvette, enough shoes for China, the hair salon, and enough clothes for her own mall? I had an entire playroom full of Barbie stuff and I only used maybe 1/5 of it. Now put your baby into Barbie's spot. Baby's gonna need a LOT of stuff. But don't go overboard. You'll need that money for diapers and formula (see #1). Make a list of the absolute necessities, then a list of what would make your life easier and compare the two. Ask your friends/family that have had babies (within the last 5 years optimaly). Here's the list I would recommend.....
=Transitional Crib (goes from crib to toddler bed to real bed)
=Bookshelf/toy box
=playpen/PackNPlay. If you can get the new ones w/ bassinet that'd be great for that first couple weeks home so that baby can be close to you at nighttime. I had a small bassinet on wheels that was great for bedtime for those 3 hour apart feedings.
=Nursing Bras and Breast Pump (obviously not needed if you don't want to go this route)
=Bottles and nipples (for either method). Decide now if you want the type with the insertible bags or not. I found it was cheaper to wash the bottles all the time than buy those darn bags. I had Avent bottles which I could only find at Target but was very very happy with them. This is one of those places to not go cheap.
=Nursing shields/pads. Even if you don't nurse, your boobies will leak. And it's uncomfortable as hell.
=At least one can of formula if breastfeeding for backup in case of problems
=Diapers (buy two packs of newborn size. Ask your hospital what kind of diapers they're going to put your baby in at the hospital and get that kind for less possiblity of diaperrash right out the gate)
=Boppy. Great for feeding baby and later for tummy time and sitting up
=Burp cloths. I prefer the old-fashioned cloth diapers for this. Plain and easy to bleach.
=Baby bathtub. The type that has a removable hammock for newborns. Babies like to squirm when they get slippery.
=Wipes Warmer. Not really a necessity but makes the babies happy to have warm wipes on that bare bottom. Less chance of that surprising pee.
=Infant medical kit. Comes with thermometer, nail clippers, medicine dropper and that Snot Sucker-Out Thingy. Don't know the real name.
=Medicines. Diaper Rash cream, Mylecon drops, infant tylenol
=vaporizer. Makes a huge difference when you have an infant with a cold and you can't get enough snot out of them.
=Strollers. You'll need two. One big one (minivan version) and one umbrella stroller (sportscar). Bonus if you can afford the stroller/carseat combo so you don't have to take your infant out of the carseat carrier; just lock it on top of the stroller. The simple stroller won't be any use to you until baby can sit up aided; at least 5 months.
=Diaper bag. You'll get one from the hospital but if you are picky or want something special get it. Keep in mind this bag will not leave your side for at least 2 years. Yes, I'm serious. You won't know how to transition to a purse afterwards. I'll probably still be in the support group by the time you join. I'll save a seat for you.
=Digital Camera.
=Baby moniter. I got the basic two piece and it's worked wonderful. My end is portable w/ batteries so I could get some yardwork done while newborn Angel slept. I still use it at nighttime for her "Water" calls.
=At least 3 outfits for each day between laundry days for baby and two for you. Not kidding here either.
=Teething rings, toys, biscuits. Never too early for baby to start chewing. Angel got her first tooth at 2 months old.
=quality pacifier. The hospital will give you one - ours was a Nuk. Green and odd looking but wonderful. And expensive.
=bottle cleaning brush and rack. Costs you $3 but is a lifesaver once you cross over into bottle-world.
="What to Expect the First Year" book. If you haven't already gotten the "What to Expect when your expecting" get it now. NOW. :)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Simple Pleasures a mom enjoys...

When you become a parent, your priorities change. Along with that, so do your preferences and pleasures. Before momhood, I would plan what movies I wanted to see (in the theatre even), what parties or bars I was going to, spontaneous road trips (the one to 'Bama over 4th of July was a trip), frivoulous shopping sprees, etc etc. Actually, most of it was unplanned or spur of the moment. That's the objective of being carefree and young.
Now don't get me wrong -- I still have fun with friends, take road trips, go shopping. It's just been tweaked a bit. Now I have to arrange for babysitters (I normally have 3 backups for each event), pack diaperbags or a backpack, mentally doublecheck nap and food schedules, and unconsciously plan around major crowd fluctuations. Hint -- NEVER go to the mall on weekends and stay out of Walmart on Saturdays. If I have to leave the house at 3, I used to take 5 minutes tops to get ready to leave the house; quick makeup touchup, put on shoes and grab the purse. When Angel was an infant-2 years old, that was an hour ordeal. Now that she's 3, it's back down to about 20-30 minutes; longer if I have to find my budding nudist some clothes. One thing that hasn't changed (but may for some of you other moms) is my camera has a permanent spot in my purse or pocket. You never know when that little bug is going to do something awesomely cute, or the local fire department is driving the new fire engine around town and stops at the grocery store to grab breakfast for the department. (unfortunately, camera's batteries were dead, so didn't get to document Angel's private tour of the new fire truck). I've always been a bit of a camera nut. Drives my husband crazy. Going to drive myself crazy soon because I have over a years worth of photos that are still on my computer waiting to be sent to Walgreens once they have their 10-cent sale. :)
As I was saying, getting ready for outings have changed alot. So have the events themselves. The shopping sprees are at WalMart or a Goodwill instead of The Buckle or Dillards. Movies are rented now and usually watched after Angel's tucked in. Thanks to becoming friends years ago with the owner of a local video store, we don't have to pay late fees which saves us probably 100's of dollars a year hahaha. In the rare instance we go out to bars, I'm ready to leave by 11:00 because it's bedtime. That and I've found out that hangovers with a child are NOT fun. Not that they were fun before either. There's no such thing as a spontaneous road trip with a toddler. Road trips are carefully planned around naptimes and potty breaks. Instead, my outings usually consist of zoos (which I love anyway but now have an excuse to go see them), parks, playgrounds, parades, fairs, circuses, and playdates.
Along with all that, the things that make me happy have changed. For the better I might add. I used to revel in the perfect outfit, knowing everyone who's anyone, going to concerts, blah blah blah. Now I've learned to slow down and breathe. My heart beats faster when the scent of spring wakes me up. I listen to the song of the rain when I'm snuggled on the couch. Deciphering my daughter's drawings, singing silly songs with her, watching her face light up when she figures out where the puzzle piece goes...all that makes me proud of her. I'm amazed by how much her little mind absorbs (and ashamed when she imitates Mommy's road rage). When she took her first steps, I was so taken back that something we take for granted is such a huge accomplishment. That first smile at 3 months made all the crying nights worth it. There's nothing sweeter than when your child falls asleep while you're holding her, no matter if she's an infant or 3 or 12 (I'm guessing).No mother will ever forget when her child first says "I wuv you mommy". You know how the Grinch's heart grew and grew and grew? Yep. Like that. My heart skips a beat every time Angel comes up to me and gives me a hug for no reason. I never thought I'd be so excited to see some doodoo in the loo. Wait until you try potty training a very head-strong toddler that refuses to poop. You'll do the happy dance and tell your child how proud and happy that makes you too. (of course, part of that is the thought of not having to clean out and wash those dirty panties anymore). I've now found another one of those moments that makes me tear up. My daughter climbed on the couch, cuddled up to me and said "Mommy, you're my best friend!". Tell me that wouldn't tug at your heart too. :)
Yes, life changes enormously when you have children. But I would have to say for the better. Sure, I have moments that I get jealous of my single friends. But I wouldn't trade my family and life for anything. No matter what hardships I go through, whenever I look back, all I can remember is the good parts. Guess that's Gods way of ensuring the human race. Afterall, we're one of the few species that won't eat our young. :)

Monday, March 1, 2010

My favorite month!!!!

Today is March! Officially my favorite month of the year. Spring begins so it starts warming up, grass turning green; it's my birthday month (even though I'm dreading that big 3-0); and today marks 46 days til DisneyWorld. :) Tell you what, nothing could put me in a bad mood today!
I've been daydreaming of mowing the grass, getting to leave the windows open all day long, hearing Angel giggle as she runs around outside, smelling that "spring" smell in the air, planting flowers, getting to take family walks in the evenings...all that wonderful feel-good stuff!
I don't know if any other time makes a person feel so happy as springtime. Of course, I've always been prone to seasonal-depression during the winter. The lack of sunshine, cold, and all the dead vegetation/trees just completely puts me down in the doldrums. I've even had dr's suggest tanning! Now that's some advice I can follow up with! haha. So when springtime starts creeping in, my mood automatically improves. It's like a cloud literally lifting off of my heart.
I hope some of ya'll are looking forward to the coming spring as much as I am! It's going to be beautiful!!!!