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Friday, March 12, 2010

Is laundry really that confusing?!?

I want to start off with this proclamation.......

Angel has gone 2 weeks without pooping in her pants!

Yes, two WHOLE WEEKS! I never thought I would be so super excited about not having to wash (or throw out) miniature-sized underroos with poop. But I am! She even got a new Leapster game out of the deal! (One invention that has been a dream -- love her Leapster!)

On top of that, my husband has been a dear and has been doing almost all the laundry and dishes for the last month. Wow. He's really been stepping up so that I can concentrate on my dang insurance classes. :) But then I realized something.... He has a warped sense of confidence in our washing machine and dryer's amazing abilities.

My dear, loving, demented husband's rules for laundry:

1) If the lid closes, there's not enough clothes in the washing machine.
2) If there's suds coming out from the top of the washer, it means the floor will get clean too. Two birds, one sudsy stone.
3) There's no need to check to see if the dryer is empty before adding the next washed load. Just turn on the dryer longer.
4) It's all fabric. Silk, terry cloth, denim. Why seperate it?
5) Dry-Clean Only = Huh??
6) Seperate whites, colors. (ok, he does seperate them, but see #4)
7) If I put your bra in the dryer, it'll shrink and push up the boobs more. (Thanks. Now only my self esteem is sagging more than my chest.)
8) The hotter the water, the cleaner the clothes. (My darks are fading faster than Michael Jackson)
9) I don't want to mess up your method for putting clothes away, so I'll just leave them in a jumbled pile to wrinkle until you can get to them. But I put my own shirts on hangers and folded my own shorts. Aren't you proud you didn't have to do that? (sigh)

He means well and I know it. Just didn't know that laundry was really this confusing. Guess there really IS a reason I've been doing it all for the past 9 years. (Sigh) :)

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