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Friday, February 26, 2010

The World of being a Mom

Well, everyone has heard it over and over again...Being a mom is hard work. And no one really appreciates that statement better than a mom herself. Yeah, dad's are in the mix too, but truly not as involved as a mom.
Being a mom is a full time job 24/7. I actually consider the hours I spend at my job as my "time off" from being a mom, but I'm always on call. :) There's no 1 title that really sums up all a mom does. If Angel gets sick at daycare, I leave work to pick her up and become "dr mom". If she's lonely or needs a playmate, I'm her friend. Hungry, I'm a cook; makes a mess, I'm the maid. On the same day, I'm also a chauffer, motivational speaker, teacher, seamstress, fashion consultant, hair stylist, circus ringleader, tech support, events coordinator, laundress, therapist, and personal assistant. Ask any mom and she'll tell you the same - probably even have more to add to it!!
I have to say, I've never really appreciated all my OWN mom has done for me over the years until I joined the exclusive club myself 3 years ago. I call her up all the time asking her opinion on what I should do, how I should do it, and how she stayed sane from raising 6 kids herself! And yes, I still call my mom when I'm sick. Nothing she can really do but still it makes me feel better just hearing her voice. That's the magical power of moms. Can't really explain it, but it's there. Kinda like Love. :)
To add to the mix of my 3 1/2 year old daughter, I have my husband Jason. We've gone through a tough couple of years lately but are on the mend. He was injured in a plane crash in Mosul, Iraq on 2/23/2007 (2 days after our 4-year anniversary) serving our country in the US Army. Angel was 7 months old at the time and Jason had seen her three times -- first at the birth (he was able to take leave for this), then we took a road trip to Mississippi right before he deployed (Angel was 3 weeks old), and then during his two weeks of R&R in February 2007. He was actually headed back to war after his R&R when the plane hit the ground. Long story short, his left arm was dislocated at the shoulder from holding another soldier from rolling with the plane in mid-air and then was hit in the head TWICE with a 500-lb equipment toughbox. He had the worst of the injuries on the plane (God was trying to keep them safe) with the dislocated arm/nerve damage, TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury), and the term every military-wife fears --PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). I won't go into all the details and story of recovery on this blog (wait for the future), but because of the brain injuries, Jason had the temperment of a 2-year old. He appeared normal to the outside world (except for a stutter and drugged appearance, well, because he was drugged) and so it was hard for anyone else to understand that I was really raising two babies as a single mom now. Thank goodness Jason wasn't affected in other ways for his development -- it was just the temper/selfishness/impatience/etc.
Anyway, this blog took a different turn so will close off now. :) Enjoy the reading and comment if you will! A Mom's job is never done and highly underpaid, although the perks of goodnight kisses, the hugs and kisses, the cute comments, and all that unconditional love makes up for the lack of sickdays. Let your mom know you love her and all she does!!!

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