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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day 4: Your views on Religion

I think religion is one of those basic necessities -- right along with air, food, water, shelter, etc... You have to belive in something!! Obviously, I'm a bit biased towards the Catholic reign, but even basic Christianity has the best general/realistic beliefs, in my honest opinion. Love thy neighbor, treat others as you would like to be treated... all that goodness. :)

I also believe that a person who HAS religion of some type, is generally happier, more content with their life, and more friendly and liked/popular. Definitely the first two. I've never known anyone who valued religion highly that was a sourpuss.

I'd love my own little family to be a bit more religious honestly. Better values, making sure we pray before each meal, attend mass every weekend. I'd LOVE to be part of a bible study -- but there doesn't seem to be a Catholic one that is within my schedule (as in it's while I'm at work).
And no, I don't agree with *everything* the Catholic faith says. I'm totally for using birth control, I'm not a stern pro-lifer (but neither am I outright pro-choice), I don't see any problem with reading bibles that are not "Catholic", and I think the "other" churches have a much better youth program (Awanna's is such an interesting program, that makes religion fun for kids!).

But I do believe in God, that his son Jesus died for our eternal sins, that our loved ones will pass to Heaven to become Angels, and Angels will watch over us. I don't believe in "ghosts" or "poltergeists". I do believe in Angels. I honestly have had a couple experiences that I know my own Dad has come down to give me a message. There was one time that I was having a VERY difficult time with Angel, and after Jason had his accident, and I was pretty much just DONE. I wanted to throw in the towel, get in my car and drive off from my dysfunctional house, never looking back. I was sitting, crying, and praying to God to take some of this stress off my shoulders -- that I just couldn't handle it. Right then, the smell of a Swisher Sweet (my dad's favorite smoke) surrounded me. Immediately, the weight on my shoulders lifted, Angel stopped crying and decided to take a nap, and my heart was just happier... Yep. I know my Dad stepped in to help out right then, when I needed him the most.

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