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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

old(er) age

March is a wonderful, beautiful month! The official start of Spring, spring break, baby animals are born, grass is greening, snuggle-inducing drizzely rain, and my own birthday!

Granted, these years I'm less and less enthusiastic. Turning 30 was a HUGE issue with me. 30 was always the age that I dreaded; worse than 40,50,60, etc. When you're 30 you can't pretend to be young anymore -- you are undeniably an adult. This year I turned 31.

I honestly forgot my birthday was even approaching until the day before. Chalk it up to old age/senility I guess. I took on 31 pretty much like I was already defeated. There's no fighting it anymore. The crows' feet, cellulite, drooping jowls and flapping arms (you know that "double wave" action when you move your arm?) are officially winning. I can -- and do -- dye my hair to my hearts content to stave off any grey that might be wanting to come through. But that's just about the only physical trait I can easily take care of. I have true and good intentions of working out 5 times a week for at least an hour each. But my actual daily schedule says otherwise, with housework, homework, work-work?, mommyhood and wifedom. So I will gaze longingly at the elliptical machine in our bedroom. Fantasizing about the day when I actually have time left over after taking care of everyone ELSE's wants and needs.

At least now I have a more valid reason for my scatterbrain mode. Seriously, I'm worse than a dang squirrel. "Oh, something shiny!" My husband loathes shopping with me -- I have to touch every fabric item we walk past, just to feel it. Then, without warning, I'll abruptly stop in the middle of the aisle, weilding a 100-lb shopping cart -- just to look at something that caught my attention via the corner of my eye. One of my friends, Molly, has seriously held me by the shoulders to guide me through Wal-Greens so that I didn't get distracted by the Tinkerbell Lanterns (that would be totally AWEsome for my daughter's Disney World trip bytheway).

Yep, turning 29 (for the 3rd time) at least gives me reason for my craziness/scatterbrained/dillusional life. I'm old. Leave me alone. :)

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