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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

At a Crossroads...

Ah, that proverbial fork in the road...Yes, folks, I am THERE! And ultimately, I'm putting my fate in others' hands. God of course, has a huge hand in this, but I'm talking about smaller, more local hands.

I have applied and interviewed for a different job within the company. Interview went good, but it's been a week with no news!!! I know they're done interviewing (because of my sneaky, super-sleuthy way of asking the receptionist) and so they've GOT to be making a decision. This will get me out of my miserable job (which I don't want to waste keystrokes describing right now) and into an exciting, fast-paced position. Oh, and the pay would pretty much be DOUBLE what I make now.

I've talked this over with my hubby and we've decided NOT to force me to be unhappy for long. Either 1) I get this new and super-awesome job and stay working...OR...2) I am going to quit this summer and then go back to college full time in the Fall. Both are winning options to me, with their own pros/cons.

But I HATE the unexpected; the butterflies in my stomach. They said that they should make up their mind by the end of Last Week! It's now the following Wednesday and I'm gall-darned pissed off!! I don't know if I even want the job now! -- no, wait -- I'm lying. I really really do want this job! LOL

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  1. Let go and let God. We all know he has his plan and even though we don't understand it or don't agree with it he knows what is best. I will pray that you hear something soon either way. Good luck with which ever path life takes you!