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I'm a 33 year old woman finding her own way in life, while being a mother of almost 7 yr old girl Angel, going to college full-time and working as many hours as i can to get by. I've lived in Kansas all my life growing up in SW and now living in The ne corner for 12 years. My ex is a medically-disabled/retired OIF/OEF veteran (TBI,PTSD) and my daughter is topping the scales on height and knowledge of her age. I'm just along for the ride sometimes :)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Break time?

I am circling back to the ideal that a Woman's work is Never Done. nope nope nope. Actually managed to cook more of a supper than just chicken nuggets/fish sticks tonight (all my daughter wants to eat) and did a load of laundry, then decided to sit down to some quality TV time. Hey, the new season of House started! Hubby's depression is full-blown right now, so instead of snuggling up with me, he said he was going to bed. :( Don't know how to get him out of this funk and honestly, I don't want to waste the energy trying to bring him up. I know, that sounds horrible, but it's such a battle that I just can't fight much longer.
After House I switched the channel and Lo and Behold -- Hoarders. Couldn't watch more than 10 minutes of it and I wanted to clean the house. LOL Didn't get a whole lot accomplished, but did manage to get some studying in for my next insurance class. I'm nervous because the stuff that I'm reading so far seems really basic knowledge and everyone says AU is really hard. Makes me think that I'm not picking up on what I'm studying. But now, I'm feeling pressured to pass this so that I can get a bigger, better job. Maybe in a different town. Maybe even a different state.
I'm getting antsy for a change -- lived in the same house for almost 6 years now after 6 years of apartment hopping. Hopefully I'll snap out of it if I do something like paint the living room. Got the colors all planned, just need the paint and the time to do it! Need that precious time to get all my other half-started/planned craft projects too. Oh, and decorate the house for fall. And get Halloween costumes started. And look online for some recipies even a simpleton like me can make. And copy off some Kindergarten level worksheets for Angel to do at daycare. And contact the Catholic school so I know what to expect next year for her. And go through my junk mail. And file my old bills. And add the new bills to October's budget. And look for new car insurance that's cheaper.
Geez. Now I'm overwhelmed. Even SuperMom can't handle all that in one day. I'm tired now and going to hit the hay...

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  1. Cute blog :) Excited to read more and learn how to perfect mine a bit more!